Atlanta International Airport

Distance From Downtown Atlanta: 
10 miles (16.2 kilometers)
Elevation Above Sea Level:
1,026 feet (316 meters)
33 28' 21.1" North
84 25' 39.6" West
Total Airport Area:
4,700 acres (1,518 Hectares)
Terminal Complex:
The passenger terminal complex measures 130 acres (52.6 hectares), or 5.7 million square feet. The Complex includes the Terminal Building, Concourses T, A, B, C, D, and E, the International Concourse. Within these Concourses are 148 domestic and 28 international gates. The entire airport complex is free of any architectural barriers to people with disabilities.

Information courtesy of the official Airport website.


A_BVI2004 (49).JPG (151001 Byte) October 2nd 2004

Landing in Atlanta on DL117 from Stuttgart.

A_BVI2004 (50).JPG (149376 Byte) October 2nd 2004

View of Concourse A and main terminal.

A_BVI2004 (51).JPG (138423 Byte)  
A_BVI2004 (52).JPG (148579 Byte)  
A_BVI2004 (55).JPG (144616 Byte) October 2nd 2004

View of Concourse E (International terminal)

BVI2004_02 (97).JPG (154223 Byte) October 17th 2004

DL116 to Stuttgart at Gate E18 on Concourse E.


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